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Therapy with Colleen Aloian,
Licensed Mental Health Counselor

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Welcome to Aloian Counseling! 

It’s not easy to seek therapy but when you do, it’s a huge relief. I help people reclaim their lives from suffering and develop a new and healthy way of living. Sometimes life brings deep loss, trauma, and moments we can’t seem to escape from in our memories. I provide holistic counseling, based on neuropsychology and over ten years of clinical experience to free people from their past in a natural, effective, and gentle way.

My unique therapeutic approach offers the highest quality Holistic Mental Healthcare in Buffalo. I combine EMDR Therapy and talk therapy to heal trauma and the mind-body connection. I incorporate modern healing techniques grounded in our bodies’ natural way of healing and letting go. You will experience talk therapy, neuropsychology, and mindfulness weaved together.

I believe we all have a deep desire to be open, connected and safe in our bodies. It’s our right to feel okay on a regular basis, free from the memories of our past. I would be so happy and honored to help you move through what you have experienced. 

Stop existing and start living!

“I am not what happened to me, I am who I choose to become."

 - Carl Gustav Jung

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EMDR Therapy

Sometimes we have difficult experiences that change what we believe about ourselves or the world around us.  EMDR Therapy is a proven, evidenced-based approach, that effectively and efficiently treats trauma and many other issues.  It has transformed lives! Click here for more information. 

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Colleen provides a safe and compassionate space to begin your journey toward healing. She has training and experience in several evidenced based therapies, and like a fine art, will weave them in and out of our sessions as needed. She will be friendly, honest and interactive. She will utilize her toolbox of techniques to give you a fresh perspective and send you home with new skills to try on your own.

Online Class

Online Therapy

Online therapy can be a good option for clients who have difficulty coming in for regular appointments because of busy schedules, lack of childcare, physical or medical limitations or who live too far from the office. We use a free, convenient, secure, and HIPAA compliant platform to provide all online therapy sessions. All you need is a computer with a camera and mic as well as internet access.

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“Our only limitations are those we set up in our own minds”
― Napoleon Hill

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Child and Therapist

"Colleen is a great listener, perceptive to finding the root of problems, and provides best fit, helpful tools to handling them.  Working with her has been nothing short of outstanding, and brought me miles closer to a mentally healthy life."


"I had the most insane session with Colleen, I still don't really know what happened other than I feel soooo much lighter. We worked on a deep childhood trauma which has been holding me back for so long. Since the session, I've felt so much more peaceful. And my brain doesn't really understand what happened but my body is like "yessssss freedommmmm". 10/10 would recommend gifting yourself a piece of Colleen's magic. You won't regret it!"


"The gift of finding yourself! I've tried a lot of different techniques in my life to be able to put the finger on and release what was blocking me with little results. With Colleen, we were able to go to the root of everything from our first session. She really takes the time and care to uncover the real issue to help release the trauma so we can live to our full potential."


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